Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Upcoming summer workshops with Keita Morimoto


June 13th - June 15th 2014. 

Friday - Sunday, 9am - 5pm (Sun. 10am - 5pm)

In the artist’s own studio.

In this intensive 3-day portrait painting workshop by Keita Morimoto, students will be introduced to a basic direct painting process and gain an understanding of light and form in portraiture. Beginning with a deconstruction of shape and form, and progressing through value and colour composition, Keita will both discuss and demonstrate his knowledge and processes to students, who will then apply these techniques to their own alla prima studies produced during the workshop. 


July 11th - July 13th 2014. 

Friday - Sunday, 9am - 5pm (Sun. 10am - 5pm) 

In the artist’s own studio.

This intensive 3-day painting workshop by Keita Morimoto is for students of all levels who are interested in learning to create a complete painting instead of simple studies. Students will gain control of colours and compositions as well as various techniques and processes to complete a painting based on their own ideas and references. Beginning with gathering and editing reference materials followed by a number of studies to further refine the compositional ideas, the instructor will both discuss and introduce various visual tools as well as different stages of painting: block-in to rendering, with which students are able to work in their own paintings. 

Workshop Fees
$450 one weekend 

Alla Prima Portrait Painting 

Painting from Start to Finish

*Please contact if you'd like to get early notices for future workshops. 

Please contact for registration or further information.

*Places in this workshop are limited to 6 students. A complete list of materials and detailed schedules will be emailed upon registration. Easels, chairs, and solvent are provided. 


  1. unable to attend upcoming July session...are you doing anything in the I can attend then...still have some time for booking off. Would love to learn from you. James

  2. Hi James, Thank you for your interest! I will be teaching some evening workshops in the fall. Please contact if you would like to be added to the mailing list. Best, Keita