Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some kind of giveaway

I just finished the super tiring 4-day long Fan Expo last night. It was both exhausting and exciting. Even though my work does not quite fit the crowd, I had a number of people who came by and left me amazing comments :D
Also, I got to do some art trade with FANTASTIC artists, Nimit Malavia, Yuta Onoda and Hyein Lee.

And these are some of acrylic paintings and drawings I made at the con. They are still available if anyone wants it :)

So as I promised to give away some artworks, these are the lucky winners!!

An original drawing - Erin Finnegar
A Giclee postcard - Andrea Chan
A print of your choice x 2 - Perin McLean & Lillian Hong

Please contact me if you read this post because I'm having a hard time trying to read the email address correctly. I'm really really touched by all the comments from everyone who entered this raffle. Thank you so much everyone!!!

My thesis is finally starting next week!!! I'm getting extremely excited for it. To add to my happiness, Harvey Chan(the best teacher and friend of mine) gave me his acrylic paints and mediums before he leaves for Hong-Kong. Happy and sad at the same time..

I will try my best not to disappoint you with my thesis work Harvey!!! Thank you so so much!!


  1. Hey! omg thank you (in advanced) for the gift! My email is lol :D Your work is awesome so keep it up! Can't wait to see what you produce with Harvey's paints! ^^

  2. Beautiful portrait paintings. it was good to see you at Ocad,after Harvey's gallery. Good luck with you great show!

  3. Love your portraits with dramatic/beautiful faces and such!


  4. hhahaha oh my. a year later and i see this post. damn! oh well finally finding your stuff was enough! :D mindblowing stuff keita. I still got your prints hanging in my living room and theyre staying there forever.